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Marita Noll, Owner
"We believe you should look your best...we can make that happen whether you live in Florida year round or seasonally. Our business discretely caters to Floridians, snowbirds and those who just drop in once in a while."
It was this premise that guided Marita Noll as she launched Mane Street of Fort Myers. Formally American Hairlines, her new company came about because of Marita's desire to apply her 34 years of speciality cosmetology experience to an inconspicuous cross section of society.

Marita takes pride in working with clients that benefit from her area of speciality...namely Hair Replacement Systems and Hair System Repair. Licensed to practice her talent in four states, Marita's credentials are numerous and proven. She maintains certifications in numerous techniques through constant on-going education sessions, and has developed her skills to the point that she now trains others in state of the art hair replacement techniques.
Marita looks forward to being able to apply her knowledge and artistry to your specific hair replacement/restoration needs. Her goal is to impact the world by providing men and women with something they thought they had lost forever -- beautiful, natural looking hair.
We understand you want to look your best. Let us make you look good and feel great! A Mane Street Hair of Fort Myers solution will give you the look of your own hair, the feel of natural hair, and the confidence of having real hair - all while you enjoy life at the level of activity you choose.
"Anyone can sell you hair...Mane Street Hair of Fort Myers has the resources to help you be the success you want to be."
We understand our clients' needs. We go out of our way to respect your privacy.
We are discrete, private and professional.
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